June 19: Snuba, Vog, and Round Three

Hi Folks!

Well, Angie’s third round of chemo went mostly as planned. She went down to Swedish Cancer Institute with Pastor Kathy last Tuesday and began the treatment. Both nausea and neuropathy were noticeably worse, but she seems to have less of an issue with the neuropathy in her hands given the challenges of drinking even room temp liquids for several days.

We left for Hawaii last Thursday, just a few hours after she was disconnected. The flight went well and we arrived to a warm 80 degree ocean climate. Angie has really enjoyed the warmth and the humidity. Her symptoms have been well managed and with some planned rest time each day she has been able to enjoy the big island with the rest of us!

Earlier this week, we went out on a boat to Kealakekua Bay marine sanctuary and snorkeled with Angie’s folks and the kids! Angie even tried SNUBA which is a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving. It was a beautiful morning.

Some rest is in order and while we expect to do a few more things while we are here just enjoying the warm weather and relaxing is highest priority. Angie joked that as her neuropathy worsens another trip to Hawaii may be necessary.

The Vog from the Kilauea eruption has not really been a problem. It gets pretty hazy late in the day. Lots more to say about our trip but this site is really for Angie updates so we will leave it there for now.



  1. Hoping and praying that the neuropathy and nausea is manageable. Don’t be shy about reinstating the meal train, specific requirements notwithstanding. Sounds like a trip to Hawaii was good medicine!!

  2. Hi Angie,

    I just found out when I talked to Edie the other day and she connected me to this site.
    All I can say is that sucks and you have another family in your prayer camp!
    It puts my road bump in April in perspective.

    Great to hear you guys had a good time in Hawaii.

    Peace that passes all understanding